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Senior Health

AgeNet - one-stop information source for older adults. Includes health, legal and insurance information specific to older adults.

Aging-World.Com - celebrates innovations in vital aging and seeks to foster development of a society for all ages. Provides a discussion forum, news, and links.

Alliance for Aging Research - advocates more medical research into aging, stimulates training and provides information on aging-related diseases and conditions.

American Federation for Aging Research - funds junior investigators and medical and Ph.D students to do biomedical research on aging and age-related conditions.

American Society on Aging - professional membership association in the field of aging.

Memory and Aging Page - investigating the age-related change in the contribution of conscious and automatic influences of memory.

Rejuvenation and Longevity Foundation - includes information and newsletters aging, healthy living, and longevity.

Research into Aging - a medical research charity. Includes research findings, newsletter and links.

Stroke and Aging Research Project - list of references to the major publications of the Stroke and Aging Research Project.

WorldHealthNet - resource dedicated to health, vitality, and longevity.

Usenet - - senior citizens and aging.

ElderConnect - database containing extensive info about extended care facilities, home health care facilities and retirement communities.

ElderNet: Your Health - plenty of links on health care for seniors and specific illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke, and heart disease.

Guide to Retirement Living - features articles related to aging and retirement living.

Medicare Nursing Homes Protest Appeal Geriatrics Aging - based on the belief that the nursing home industry's main motivation in the US is to gauge senior citizens and the family members that help support seniors

New LifeStyles Online - guide to senior housing and care options, listing all state licensed nursing homes, residential care facilities, home health, hospice, and DME companies nationwide.

Self Care Advisory - aims to help individuals make their own decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment of health problems. Provides advice and information on self treatment and over-the-counter products. - information on home health and hospice including faqs, ethics, good news, commentary, referrals and more for the general public, media, and government to learn and locate an ethical provider.

SeniorCom  - featuring chat rooms, discussion groups, and information on financial, travel, and housing services for seniors.

Adult Care Planning, Inc. - provides personalized senior care consultations and products. - information and resource directory to support the elderly, aging, home bound, & disabled who require special home health care related equipment, supplies and information.

Aging Network Services - private agency helping older people and their families with consultation, and practical services through a nationwide network of highly skilled licensed geriatric social workers.

Elder Care Options - offers assistance at home and with housing relocation decisions. Serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Elder Care Referral Services - provides consulting guidance and facility referrals to seniors for retirement communities and residential care facilities for the elderly.

Elder-Service - geriatric care consultants to help families choose, implement and monitor the most appropriate and cost effective options toward caring for their older parents or relatives.

ElderCare Advocates, Inc. - provides planning and advice to the elderly and their families.

EnTouch Services - makers of computerized calling service that monitors the health and safety of loved ones.

Gentle Transitions - specialized services for seniors who are moving.

Institute For Successful Aging, The - promotes creative and practical ways to understand and interact with America's aging population.

Mama Can't Remember Anymore - a guide for anyone caring and providing for an elderly loved one, by Nancy Wexler, MA, MFCC, director, Gerontology Associates.

Mature Mart - Shop health products that assist seniors, caregivers, elder adults, elderly, geriatric and disabled consumers achieve a quality, independent lifestyle.

Melodies for Memories - guide for volunteers working with Alzheimer's patients.

ParentCare - specializes in long distance coordination of necessary services for aging parents.

Quality Placement Inc. - national nursing home guidance service which can provide specific reports on homes throughout the country.

Senior Technologies, Inc. - manufactures and markets restraint-free products targeted to the healthcare industry.

Transitions, Inc. Elder Care Consulting - assesses needs, locates, and arranges facilities and services for seniors, caregivers, and families. Audits providers.

We Check On You - division of RMT Enterprise. Provides a daily telephone call to clients who have special needs, including senior citizens and home-bound ill patients.

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