"When I bought my disability insurance through Ed, I appreciated the way he patiently walked me through what is inherently a pretty tedious process.

But when I had to actually file a claim, I really depended on Ed because initially the company was reluctant to pay. It reminded me of John Grisham's book, (Rainmaker) and scared the daylights out of me! But Ed called the company and got everything sorted out and handled. He does an excellent job!

I've also bought LTC policies from Ed, including for my mother. I trust his recommendations for this coverage and I feel it's an important tool for estate conservation. Now I've got peace of mind about the quality of time I'll be able to spend with her if/when her health declines."

Lou Bachus, Retired District Mgr.

"Ed's great. He's handled a variety of insurance for my husband and I for years. Not only do I appreciate the way he's so responsive in always getting back to us quickly, but he truly goes "above and beyond" in terms of his overall service. I think of Ed in terms of the Boy Scout things......you know, "loyal, honest, courteous," etc. And now we've purchased Long Term Care policies for both of us. One less thing we have to worry about thanks to Ed. He's excellent!"

Diane Cate, Management Consultant
specializing in the training of physicians in private practice

"What can I say.....Ed saved my life!

A number of years ago, my sister called and said I've given this insurance agent your name and I want you to let him into your living room ......I could've rung her neck!

But my husband and I went ahead and met with him and decided to acquire life insurance, disability protection, and insurance for my husband's business.

Early on, our policies began to lapse and Ed caught it and called. My husband was feeling a financial pinch but Ed encouraged him to wait another 30 days before deciding to cancel and got him reinstated. Not long thereafter, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months to live.

The disability and business protection insurance allowed all of our financial needs to be met so that I could concentrate on caring for my husband. As a result, that last year together was the most wonderful year of our life.

Subsequently, as a result of the life insurance, after my husband did die, I was able to take the next several years off from working and just stay home and take care of our 5-yr. old daughter. The insurance money gave me SO many options at that critical juncture in my life.

Trust me, I'm not only a huge believer in insurance -- but I'm a huge believer in Ed. I would trust Ed with everything. "His intent is so pure he is motivated from a place of service and is looking at the big picture in the lives of his clients. I dread the thought of what might have happened to our family during this sad crisis had it not been for his valuable assistance to us....

Pattie Millen

My sister became a widow at 39. Ed had not only sold she and my brother-in-law life insurance but a disability policy too that allowed her to take care of her husband as well as their 5 year old child when he became too sick to work.

At one point, the insurance company was slow in paying 1Ed was not only an aggressive advocate who literally did battle with them -- but he even hand-delivered the disability check so that they could buy groceries.

After purchasing a Long Term Care policy from Ed for my mom, she was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's. What a relief to have those provisions already in place for her now!

Ed also provided a life insurance policy for our law partner who subsequently died of congestive heart failure. Obviously, I have repeatedly seen the benefits of proper planning and protection when so much is at stake both personally and professionally. Lastly, Ed's background in social services causes him to be the only insurance agent I know with a heart! His advocacy and humanity are so appreciated. And the fact that he only deals with AAA rated companies rounds out my reasons for having peace of mind in dealing with him. In fact, my husband and I have all of our insurance with Ed and have just recently acquired Long Term Care protection too."

Tesa Shepherd, Office Manager,
Shepherd and Crabtree, attorneys at law

"Ed brought me in to work on behalf of Ed's clients against a large insurance company. It's pretty amazing to see how hard he fights for his clients even when it cuts against his own interests. He definitely goes toe-to-toe with the firms when necessary if it's in the best interest of his client to do so."

Tad Aiona, Attorney
Past President, Sonoma County Bar Association

Qualities of service you can depend upon from
Ritch Insurance Services

Responsiveness -- whatever your need or question, it's our policy to get back to you with an answer the same day if at all possible.
Advocacy -- on occasion1, it may even mean we work WITH YOU against an insurance company. Principle before profits with us....always!
Informed counsel -- because we are EXPERTS in the arena of Long Term Care coverage and work with such a wide range of quality companies, you can count on us to advise you in a comprehensive fashion as we carefully weigh all pertinent information on your behalf.

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